Dive sites

More than 25 sites in a marine protected area

San Salvador dives sites are pristine with only 2 diving centers on the Island. Dramatic drop off, swim trough with stunning light, untouched corals reef and abundant marine life. You will spot groupers, turtles and reef sharks, resident Hammerheads are regularly coming to check out the divers.

The drop-off begins between 30 and 50 feet depending on the site and descends to underwater depths. There are over 25 dive sites with the closest  just a few minutes by boat from the center, farthest within an hour navigation.
The water temperature average 78° F and the visibility can reach  more than 100 feet.

The diving sites of San Salvador are part of a protected marine area.

Few examples of diving sites

● Doctor John's
Dr john

● Great Cut
Great Cut

They dive with us

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Yves Lefèvre

Frédéric Chotard

Patrick Masse



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