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More than 20 sites in a marine protected area

Looking at the geographic location of Turk & Caicos Islands allows you to understand it's heaven for divers.
2 archipelagos (Turk & Caicos) south of the bahamas are split bye the ocean and hang on the edges of the continental platform The depth goes to more than 6,000 feet with 45 to 135 feet of visibility.
This marine area going from shallow to very deep attract several pelagic species, barracudas, jack fish, tuna, humpback whales seasonal (mid January to end of March) and our resident dolphin Jojo.

More than 20 dive sites with mooring in 3 areas North West Point, Pine Key, Grace Bay (Marine park). Depending of the weather condition, possibility to dive on West Caicos.

Turkoise dive site

  • Ampitheatre
    Amphiteatre dive site

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