Fury Shoal

Fury Shoal

Egypt 7 nights

Bateau Confort


P. Ghaleb


P. Ghaleb

935 €

Fury Shoal

The dream accessible to all!
Enjoy the best sites in the region of Marsa Alam and Hamata at your own pace! This cruise offers excellent value for money, compared to an hotel stay in the surroundings. An circuit open to open waters, non-divers and families (from 8 years old). On board one of our magnificent boats, sail in the south of Egypt on magnificent sites and discover the richness and diversity of Egyptian underwater life.
The essential
- 16 dives over 6 days included (possibility of additional dives)
- Level 1, open water or equivalent + 10 logged dives
- Departure and return: Port Galeb
- Meeting with dolphins
- Caves, breathtaking canyons
- Abundant fauna and flora
  Detailed tour

7 nights

les non plongeurs sont les bienvenus

Bateau Confort

Nouveauté de la rentrée 2016 ! Un bateau tout neuf de grand standing pour que vous réalisiez vos croisières dans le plus grand confort.

10 cabins

20 people
Le bateau n'est pas encore définit.
  • Le bateau n'est pas encore définit.

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