7 nights

50 min. diving

2 ** CMAS, Advance (padi) ou équivalent

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Brothers, Deadalus, Elphinstone ...
This tour takes you to the heart of the Red Sea to sites that made the reputation of Egypt with divers, who nicknamed it "the golden triangle" for the quality of its dives.
BROTHERS: Only accessible by cruising, the two Brothers islands are rooted at more than 500m of depth but only surmount the surface by a few meters. Often exposed to the currents, pelagic life abounds, making it one of the best sites of the Red Sea.
DEADALUS: Located 80km off Marsa Alam, this reef offers a multitude of opportunities to dive. Gray sharks, longimane and hammers can be seen here, under the keen eye of an army of clown fishes in an anemone field.
ELPHINSTONE: Two plateaus follow each other at 25m and 45m to form a majestic arch around which you can see schools of jacks, tuna and even hammerhead sharks.
On board one of our exceptional boats, lovers of sharks and wrecks will be delighted. You will discover vertiginous vertical drop offs which, often influenced by the currents coming from the wide, offer a pelagic fauna, gorgonians and alcyonnaires in abundance.
The essential
• 16 dives over 6 days included (possibility of additional dives)
• Level 2, Advanced or equivalent + 50 logged dives
• Departure and return: Hurghada or Port Galeb
- Encounter with gray sharks, hammerheads, oceanic ...
- The wrecks of Big Brother: Numidia and Aida II
- The colors of the drop-offs

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