Brothers Islands

Brothers Islands


7 nights

50 min. diving

2 ** CMAS ou Advance (Padi) ou équivalent


The must-do circuit !

A circuit in the middle of the Red Sea that will delight lovers of sharks, magnificent wrecks and vertiginous drop-offs full of color. Brothers Islands, a wild site lost in the middle of the Red Sea located more than 6 hours away from the Egyptian coast off El Quseir. Their vertical walls, where the currents of the sea are often present, abound in gorgonians and alcyonarians, and in pelagic fauna.
The essential :
- 16 dives over 6 days included (possibility of additional dives)
- Level 2, advanced or equivalent + 50 registered dives
- Departure and return: Hurghada or Galeb port
Highlights :
- The coral of the southeastern fall 
- The wrecks of Big Brother
- Sharks on the northern shelf

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