Daedalus, Rocky, Zabargad, Elphinstone

Daedalus, Rocky, Zabargad, Elphinstone


7 nights

40 min. diving

2 ** CMAS ou Advance (Padi)

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The circuit of the Fantastic 4!
Highly known in the diving community, these four diving spots are distinguished by their beauty and the diversity of underwater life that abounds there.
DEADALUS: Located 80km off Marsa Alam, this reef offers a multitude of opportunities to dive. Gray sharks, longimane and hammers can be seen here, under the keen eye of an army of clown fishes in an anemone field.
ROCKY: The reef completely surrounds Rocky Island. Keep an eye in the blue to see the pelagic pass or hunt.
ZABARGAD: Amazing diving spot of beauty. This turquoise lagoon, which surrounds huge peaks coming out of the water, leads to extraordinary reefs and is home to a large population of coral and reef fish. Several wrecks are also present.
ELPHINSTONE: Two plateaus follow each other at 25m and 45m to form a majestic arch around which you can see schools of jacks, tuna and even hammerhead sharks.
A tour that takes you to the tropics of cancer, on the mythical islets of Rocky Island, refuge and nesting place of a wide variety of birds and Zabargad, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon with Polynesian airs that becomes in summer uyn nesting place for sea turtles.
The essential
• 16 dives over 6 days included (possibility of additional dives)
• Level 2, Advanced or equivalent + 50 logged dives
• Departure and return: Port Galeb
• Encounter with sharks (gray, hammerheads, oceanic ...)
• The beauty of coral
• The southern Egyptian site

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