Fellow divers,

All the Seafari team wishes you good luck in this surface interval of an unprecedented duration. All the actors of the tourism industry are impacted, as so many other trades, and we are united so that your dives with Seafari take place, just a little later than planned ;)

Our advisers are on the warpath to help you to reorganize your trip to Egypt, Maldives or Sudan by postponing it to a later date, obviously without cancellation fees.
We are in constant contact with the authorities on the spot and will keep you informed as and when decisions are made regarding your trip to France and our destinations.

While waiting for our next dive together, we invite you to respect the safety rules dictated by our governments in order to resume our activities as soon as possible.

We are ready to leave on a cruise as soon as the authorities will allow us to do so and we look forward to taking you along!


Local situation : Airport reopens 1st of July 2020.
Our cruises: First trip on september 15th, 2020.

Local situation: irport open since 1st of July 2020.
Our Egypt cruises: Ready to go! Negative Covid test from less than 72h before departure required.

Local situation: The airport is closed.
Our cruises: Sudan season 2020 cancelled.

Local situation: Club Med Columbus Isle resort reopens 12 december 2020.
Our center: Reopens 12 december 2020.

Local situation : Club Med Turkoise resort reopens 1st of August 2020.
Our centre : Reopens 1st of August 2020.

Our teams are available to accompany you in the organization of your next dives with Seafari.

They dive with us

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Frédéric Chotard

Patrick Masse

Yves Lefèvre

Steven Surina


Seafari maintains strong relationship with many partners. Whether they are Nonprofit Organisations, environmental preservation associations or diving specialised insurance companies, they all contribute in their own field, improving your dive experience.

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