Central Atolls 7 Nights

Central Atolls 7 Nights

Maldives 7 nights






1740 €

Central Atolls 7 Nights

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This tour allows you to visit the main atolls of the Maldives in 7 days. Departing from Male North, you will embark on a journey through the atolls of South Male, Ari and Vaavu (depending on the conditions) to discover mythical sites.
The density of fish and the fauna set on the reefs are impressive. Thilas, Kandus and outer reefs offer a very varied digest of action. A constant coming and going between dives "for big" and more relaxing dives to discover the variety of the underwater fauna of the Indian Ocean.
The essential
- 16 dives over 6 days included (possibility of additional dives)
- Level 2, Advanced or equivalent + 50 logged dives
- Departure and return: Male (international flights not included)
- Manta rays cleaning stations
- Meeting with the whale shark
- Sharks and rays in the Vaavu channels
  Detailed tour

7 nights

50 min. diving

Niv 2 / ADV


Un Yacht de 30 mètres pouvant emporter 16 passagers pour explorer les atolls maldiviens, des cabines toutes équipées de l'air conditioné, un salon spacieux et un jakuzi sur le sundeck. Nitrox disponible à bord.

30 meter long, 10 meter wide

10 cabins

20 people

1 Engin : Volvo 380 CV

2 Generators : Onan insonorisés

2 Compressors : Bauer Mariner

1 Zodiac : 25 CV

5 cabines avec 1 grand lit et 1 lit simple5 cabines avec 1 grand lit
Grand Salon et salle à manger spacieuse avec climatisation.Grand bar, écran plasma, vidéo, Hifi, CD, DVD.
Blocs Alu 11.2 L sortie Din/Etrier
  • Pharmacie et oxygénothérapie

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